Why it's so enticing to join an early stage startup!


The biggest reason it's so enticing is the odds & insecurities around an early-stage startup! It's like you know something could cease to exist like the snap of Thanos but you still feel committed & pumped up. It's like going down the RabbitHole! 😌

I've been always so sexual about Startups, it's a place where I feel belonged! And it's so close to my heart. ❤️

The feeling of being in an early-stage startup is so intoxicating. Life never remains the same anymore! All the commits you push to git feels so divine. You no longer feel you're just responsible for the front-end, but everything around the product, the design, the idea, the backend, the growth, the users, everything adds up to the list. You feel you own a piece of the product & when you feel you own something, you start to deeply care! Your contributions have such a large stake in the product's growth. It's like growing up a baby. So sacred! 🤗

I've been always wanted to do something different. And I've been longing to be an outlier! To have the "Creative Freedom" I need to produce good work.

All right, I'll stop now, I'm being so metaphoric! And I'm so sorry, but I can't help it. 😬

With all the being said, it's not a smooth ride for sure and that's why it's worth a ride! I feel like I got the ticket for this ride after a long time but I'll cross my fingers until it's a total reality. 🤞 Till then, my keyboard awaits for a short announcement it's about to type (very soon)! 🙂

© 2020 Sourav Kumar Nanda